Home Elevators – Ensure Safe and Comfortable Travel

Residential elevators, though formerly considered a luxury, are now widely accepted as an easy to use and convenient accessibility option in homes. Modern home elevators are designed in keeping with prescribed industry codes and standards to ensure the elderly and individuals with physically difficulties safe and comfortable travel between floors. The equipment goes a long way in ensuring them an independent and active lifestyle.

Range of Models to Select From

Apart from being a safe accessibility option, elevators for homes add convenience to your lifestyle as well as help to increase the value of your home. The remarkable advancements in technology have resulted in elegantly designed and stylish models of residential elevators that can be installed easily in existing, as well as new homes without the need for major structural alteration. Moreover, modern elevators are compact and do not take up much space in residential buildings. Many residential home elevator models do not need a pit or a hoistway, and can be configured to blend with the interior décor. Some of the popular models specifically designed for home use include LEV, Rise, Minivator, Volant, Signet, Windsor, Panorama, Renaissance, Infinity luxury elevator, Telecab, Eclipse, and so on. Elevators companies in karachi

User-friendly Controls and High-end Safety Features

Residential elevators come with simple controls that can be easily operated by the user, young or old. To ensure safe and comfortable travel through different floor levels, home elevators also have high-end features and advanced safety options such as:

• Emergency stop button
• Automatic swing door openers
• Non-skid platform
• Emergency alarm and light
• Electro mechanical door lock
• Digital floor position indicator
• Overspeed governor
• Slack chain safety device
• Final limit switch
• Telephone system
• Battery lowering device: manage power outages
• Under-panel sensor to stop the lift if it encounters an obstruction in its path
• Pressure relief valve to prevent platform overload
• Lockable control panel
• Fully automatic operation
• Open door sensor
• Key locks to prevent unauthorized access

High-end home elevators offer a choice of attractive wall panel finishes such as veneer, raised wood, melamine, inset wood, and more. So you can choose one to blend with your interior.

Advantages of Installing Residential Elevators

The important advantage of home elevators is that they help the mobility impaired and the elderly move between different floor levels comfortably. Having the device installed in a home offers them a great deal of confidence and independence. They can access all levels of their residence without worrying about slips or falls. Moreover, residential elevators can also help transport grocery, furniture, laundry and other heavy stuff from one floor to another.

Points to Consider Before the Purchase

While planning to purchase a residential home elevator unit for your residence, it is essential to undertake a thorough evaluation of your specific accessibility requirements and the structural design of your building. Then consider various aspects of the models in the market – their technical specifications, features, power consumption, warranty options and price. This would help you find a model that suits your requirements.

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