English Writing – Your Best Foot Forward

In international commerce, your English writing is the face you show to the world. It’s the foot you lead with in your dealings with other businesses. If I were to judge you now based on how your writing looks, would you truly gain my trust?

Expanding your business beyond the confines of your home country means you’ll have to communicate in English. In many ways, it’s largely accepted as the official vernacular of international trade. That may not be fair to those who don’t speak it natively, but it doesn’t change the facts: we use it, other businesses use it and our clients use it. Best flipflops

When your company wants to close any deals with English-speaking customers, there’s no other way around it. You’ll have to pay careful attention to things you write. If your website is one difficult-to read mess or your letters to prospects aren’t clear, how are you going to earn their business?

Are you looking to drive up your international sales? Then get your English language skills in order. Hire people who are competent in the language to prepare your marketing materials if no one in your company can do it. Invest in formal language lessons (for yourself and your employees) and English writing tools to bring yourself up to a capable working level.

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